Policies (L4L)

General Information on Developing Policy

Library Policies

A list of resources available on WebJunction. Documents include sample policies, collection development policies, difficult patron behavior, gaming, homeless, and more.

Effective Library Policymaking [pdf]

The chapter on policymaking from the Rhode Island Public Library Trustees Handbook [pdf] is organized into the following sections: Benefits of Policy, Who Makes Policy, Review and Revise, Organizing a Policy Manual, Making Policy: Creating Tools for Organizing and Managing, and A Policy List for Public Libraries.

Development of Essential Policies for Public Libraries [pdf]

A training module designed for trustees that was done by Mike Cross at the Division for Libraries, Technology, and Community Learning.

Policy Making

A section of the 2005 Virginia Public Library Trustee Handbook . As some other sources do, this makes a useful distinction between external and internal policies and lists the policies each would include.

Resources on Developing Specific Policies

Collection Development Policies

A section of the Collection Development Training for Arizona Libraries site developed particularly for small and rural libraries. Identifies important elements of the collection development policy with examples from policies posted on the Web and offers suggestions for how to write a policy for your library.

Materials Selection Policies: Eight Elements

Although this is several years old, it still contains a good overview, based on the Michigan Library Association's Before and After the Censor: A Resource Manual on Intellectual Freedom (1987).

Workbook for Selection Policy Writing

From ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom. While it's directed to school libraries, it includes much useful information for public libraries as well.

Internet Acceptable Use Policies

This document by OWLS' Gerri Moeller references suggestions and phrases from the OWLSnet Internet Policy, ALA Guidelines (including the link below), and an article by Bob Bocher to help you develop an Internet Public Use Policy for your library. In addition, the page links to other resources and to some sample policies.

Guidelines and Considerations for Developing a Public Library Internet Use Policy

From ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom.

Sample Policies

OWLS Sample Policies

A collection of policies from the libraries and the system that is continually being updated.

Sample Library Policies for the Small Public Library

The work of the Small Libraries Committee of WLA as revised in 1999 by David Polodna.

Wisconsin Public Library Policy Resources

This page includes sample policies from Wisconsin's public libraries, as well as sample by-laws and a sample privacy policy (new in Spring 2003) for Wisconsin public libraries.

FAQ: Parental Access to Library Records Law

From the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

New York State Library Policy Database

A nifty centralized policy database for libraries statewide.

ALA Sample Polices

Includes a variety of model policy manuals and policies from individual libraries and states (including Wisconsin).

Library Policies

An extensive collection of policies from San Jose Public Library.

Library Use Policies

A tidy list of policies from the Seattle Public Library, including rules of conduct and unattended children policies.